If you find your skin is sensitive or  slower to repair, or wanting to stimulate your collagen then look to add vitamin C or Kakadu plum which is the world’s richest natural source of Vitamin C which will help “knit” collagen together and build it up, creating more supple skin. Vitamin C is also like a fort in your skin fighting against the onslaught of outside influences that can damage it. I love Kate from Merge Health referring to it as soldiers fighting the wars and vitamin C will help build more soldiers to fight all different types of wars which is why it’s great internally too. Vitamin C is also a natural skin brightener for pigmentation, so this plus tyrosinase inhibitors are the best thing for any sunspots or browning on the skin. 

Skinstitut’s Moisture Defense Normal moisturiser has kakadu plum.

Adding Skinstitut’s pure Vitamin C powder, (just a rice grain shake) into the moisturiser and you have one cocktail of goodness!

All 4 peels at Bare Bella will dose you kakadu plum which helps strengthen skin by building a better immune defense.

And we can add a shake of pure   #vitaminc to the Peel Accelerator to up the collagen building benefits!

Also Bare Bella also has the Inika Organic range available and they have kakadu plum in their Liquid Foundation and Perfection Concealer.

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