Electrolysis has 3 different methods to kill off hair and I can use all 3. There’s thermolysis or galvanic or blend (combination of thermolysis and galvanic) A customer with a pacemaker or pregnant for example I would use just thermolysis. Galvanic or blend both use galvanic current which is where I put the metal prong under your shoulder covered with a wet sponge. The metal prong is attracted to the metal probe within the follicle so when I press my foot pedal, all the moisture in the follicle changes into sodium hydroxide which you can see in this slowed down video. That is in there for hours after you leave, and works on killing the hair!

Hairs treated with electrolysis need multiple treatments, a course of treatments is required. The amount of treatments per hair depend on how thick the hair is and how high the current is. A finer for example might take 2 treatments to kill it off. A thick hair might take 4 treatments, but if it’s a lower current it might take 5 treatments. If a hair is treated today it will take about 5-6 weeks to grow through as a short hair.

If there is more hair, than clients will often do treatments inbetween the 6 weeks to catch other growths. ????

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