Yes! When I treat with laser, I take photos and stay within the area of thick dark hair. It is absolutely not worth doing even a few hair on a cheek. It will stimulate all the hair that is fluffier, even fluff that’s darker hair.

Even if you had 20 hairs on the cheeks or under jaw, then it’s much better to do electrolysis.

Saying that if the hair on the chin is dense and dark, I am happy to treat that hair, weaken it with laser, which means less electrolysis!

But definitely do not treat hair with laser that is mostly fluffy! Go straight to electrolysis. Laser on fluffy hair is like putting sunshine on a dormant garden. The energy makes it sprout.

Finished! 🙂

There are people that this might not happen but it’s certainly not worth finding out. If you have PCOS, endometriosis or thyroid issues then you are more likely to have it stimulating quicker.

Some would argue that this happens because the current used is too low, I would argue it’s hair that’s not dark or thick enough. Some people have fluffy dark hair that’s not worth treating, namely cheek areas. Especially upper cheek.

This problem is not just happening to girls. Mens back hair can stimulate on non dense areas too, and top of arms where it’s usually not as tough as the lower arms.

Make sure you do you homework, research the clinic you’re going to.

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Within a consultation I will explain which modality will suit you and why. Also aftercare and how the treatments are spaced out. If I am doing IPL hair removal then I would perform a test patch, then means trimming the hairs down, pulsing a small section. If successful the hair will fall out over a few weeks after the consultation. If you have any questions call or message Mary at Bare Bella in Balwyn North on 0425765971.