What is IPL Hair Removal?

IPL stands for Intense Pulse Light, the light creates heat that will “cook” the hair follicle. If the hair has the appropriate conditions, it will fall out over approximately a week.

IPL is permanent hair reduction. There are varying reasons why IPL will work or will not work. Thorough consultation is really important to make sure we and the client are on the same page.

Firstly there needs to be a contrast between hair colour and skin colour in order for the hair to be treated. If skin is dark it can still be treated (as hair may be darker again) and if hair is lighter it also can still be treated (as skin may be a lot lighter), the operative word is contrast. During consultation we like to do a test patch on the area if possible to register the correct starting treatment to optimise results from the get go.

The % of hair that will die is directly related to the % of skin and hair contrast colours. This is not everything though, incorrect timing of treatments, hormones and medication will also affect the result. We have electrolysis, which is permanent hair removal that may be required in conjunction with the IPL for the desired result.

Areas like bikini, underarm and legs can have a permanent result if colouring is good, as they are generally not hormonal. Hormonal areas like chin and lip can generally need continual treatment to keep hair away and electrolysis is an added option. Hormonal areas like belly and sideburns can be more permanent despite being hormonal.

We will let you know the process and home care, to optimise the result. Give Bare Bella a call to start your journey onto hair freedom!


Permanent Hair Reduction via medical grade Palomar 500 (Rec 6-8 treatments for body, hormonal areas like face may need IPL and electrolysis to finish. Very experienced in hormonal hair. Experience hair freedom at Bare Bella.

Consultation incl test patch $FREE
Back $189
Shoulders/ 1/3 Back $79
Mens Buttocks $80
Bikini $55
Bikini and Underarm $70
Brazilian $60
Brazilian and Underarm $75
Brazilian, Underarm, extended inner thigh and back of thigh $99
Chest and torso $99
Full Leg $175 (Prepay 8 $159)
Half arm $99
Half Leg $149 (Prepay 8 $119)
Lip $40
Lip and Chin $59
Lip, Chin and Sideburns $69
Men’s Arms $180
Top Half Leg $169
Underarms $40
Prepay 8 get 20% Off