Pigmentation is formed from the production of melanin from a hormone (MSH) which produces an enzyme in our body called tyrosinase. Melanin gives our skin, eyes and hair their colour. It is there for protection.

Over production of melanin is caused from UV exposure/skin trauma which are external factors. External factors generally have a good success rate of removing.

Other internal causes being harder to treat as they are deeper are genetics, hormonal disruption, certain treatments and medications that disrupt hormones can also increase pigmentation, for example implanon.

The prevention or intervention?

*Being consistent with UVA & UVB protection.

*Decreasing skin trauma, (post inflammatory hyper pigmentation) this includes acne that is scarring, picking at the skin or plucking till the hair is etching itself out and creates trauma/pigmentation).

*There are treatments that can draw out pigmentation or in the case of internal pigmentation, reduce the severity.

*Certain ingredients that help:

-Liquorice root extract

-Vitamin B (niacinamide)

-Tyrosinase inhibitors like -Daisy Flower

-Wakamine (Japanese seaweed

-Vitamin A (sunscreen is a must)

-Lightening ingredients (L-Ascorbic Acid)

Check out this blog on Even Blend Serum which has a lot of these tyrosinase inhibitors!