IPL photo rejuvenation helps to minimise skin imperfections like pigmentation, age spots, fine lines and enlarged pores and facial capillaries (facials veins). IPL will also stimulate collagen creating a more smoother and plump appearance. IPL Rejuvenation involves pulses of light emitted onto the skin to create a warm sensation that will be attracted to the colour of pigment and capillaries. The skin will instantly have a sensation of mild sunburn, this feeling will go down over an hour. The capillaries will disperse over a few months. Pigmentation will go darker and will fade off over 2 weeks.

We like to recommend approximately 4 treatments. Three months on from your last treatment is when the skin will look its best. With good home care and in salon facial treatments and a good balanced lifestyle/diet the results can be just the pick me up you need. We highly recommend a physical sunblock like zinc as opposed to chemical sunblock as zinc has a greater chance to prevent melanin production within the skin and an added bonus, also helps to strengthen the skin via protecting the skin barrier.


Take years off with this effective treatment for sunspots, pigmentation, fine lines whilst boosting collagen and elasticity.
IPL Consultation incl test patch $FREE
Décolletage $190
Full face $249
Half face (not forehead) $220
Cheeks $90
Full Arms $200
Hands $95
Neck $95
Sporadic Spots $75
1-2 Spots $45

Prepay 5 get 20% off and 3x Skinstitut Products