Bare Bella uses a medical grade IPL which a large treatment spot size which allows multiple hair follicles to be targeted at the same time.

Treatment plan for body:

Generally for body areas I do approximately 8 treatments. 4 treatment 3 weeks apart then 4 treatments 6 weeks apart.

You won’t need to worry about shaving inbetween treatments as the hairs just fall out!

After the 8th treatment I would do a wax at 10-12 weeks to take out any hairs that are just stuck in the follicles which can happen when the hairs are sitting there dead.

Treatment plan for face:

Face is spaced closer together as the follicles are more shallow so they are seen quicker.

4 treatments 2 weeks apart, then 4 treatments 4 weeks apart. Because face hair is often hormonal, I would space it out further and further apart till we get to 12 weeks.

If the hair on the face is dense, we can treat with IPL hair removal. Some clients can go straight to electrolysis if it is not dense.

IPL hair removal will weaken the hairs this is why we often will do this before electrolysis.

For more information please call Mary at Bare Bella on 0425765971