What is Electrolysis?

Electrolysis is a permanent hair removal method. It involves the insertion of a fine wire probe into the hair follicle to the hair root. The hair root is disabled via a mild thermolysis (heat) or galvanic current whereby the hair can be released and easily slide out. The hair is removed on the day of treatment. The Electrolysis process is a few or more second per hair depending on the thickness of the hair. We may sometimes use IPL hair removal first to weaken the hair before electrolysis as most hair needs more than one treatment and if it is thick hair the IPL will minimise the amount of over all electrolysis required for permanency.

What is the Electrolysis Process?

A thorough initial electrolysis consultation is required to assess individual situations. Depending on the amount of hair, the thickness of the hair and hormonal/lifestyle/stress influences will greatly contribute to the length of time for permanency but in every situation it will be completely permanent. If a hair is treated when it is in the growing faze “anagen” it is very likely it will not grow back after one treatment. Being hormonal hair or hair that has been tampered with waxing or plucking, will mean the hair may need more electrolysis treatment but this hair will still die with correct protocol. Through your consultation we can assess and give you an idea as to how long the treatment area will take. There are so many different treatment plans and aftercare to suit your lifestyle and the amount of hair. No “project” is not doable!

Bare Bella Electrolysis

Electrolysis is a very old (approx 100 years) proven method of permanent hair removal. We use disposable probes, a new probe per client visit. We use gloves in the treatment. We will swab the area with alcohol swabs and then proceed with the treatment. At the end of treatment a cooling gel is applied. Our aftercare is the use of the cooling soothing cream over the next 3 days. We recommend a good quality mineral makeup to be used if at all. Our process is structured accordingly to the growth and type of hair.

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Permanent hair removal for all hair types
5 min $30
10 mins $40
15 mins $50
25 mins$70
40 mins $90
55 mins $120