When it comes to waxing I think this takes the cake as far as a crazy waxing experiences go.

The craziest situation happened to a customer of mine and while we were laughing about it, it was essentially an awful situation no one should experience. She had a Brazilian wax in Melbourne.
Before you say well that’s never going to be fun… read on…
Her booking was bad from start to finish. They used extremely hot wax which burnt her, days later her skin flaked off it was that bad, then they were blowing on the area to “cool” her down, yes, blowing on her vagina.. They then sprayed her with something to soothe her but it stung like nothing else because she was so burnt and raw! They also plucked which was especially painful on such tender skin.
Apart from that she had 2 people in the room at one point. They were chatting, but not in a language she could understand.. actually did I mention the beauty therapist and my customer couldn’t communicate (apart from hand gestures) because she spoke a different language…
Then to top it off a man popped his head in while my customer had her legs in frog leg posi getting …yes a Brazilian wax!!
Believe it not she said that wasn’t the worst part of the whole experience which obviously says a lot!
Then to REALLY top it off, there was still loads of hair left. As she said they “left a decent amount of hair and I didn’t even get a Brazilian just a bad haircut” ????

She left feeling bruised, burnt and frankly “violated” in her words.

I was telling my customer about some experiences I had heard of, like someone I knew getting burnt underarms so they had to “wait for the wax to cool down” according to the beauty therapist… and she came back after a few minutes eating a muffin while she was checking on her… and the wax pot…
For myself, I got waxed in an airport (shoulda known better ????????) and it wasn’t painful from memory but wasn’t methodical and so lots of hair was left over. When she left for me to get ready I got the spatula and tried to wax a bit more … rushing though cos I felt bad if she was to walk in.. ???? like honestly ..????

Crazy just crazy! #waxing #hairremovalwax #hairremoval #balwynnorth