At Bare Bella we use strip wax for legs and arms and hot wax for bikini, underarm and face. We encourage waxing especially for legs, bikini and underarm, because the hair is not hormonal, and will likely diminish in time with regular loofahing and waxing. Hormonal hair on the other hand like lip, chin, jaw, face, breast and belly is generally (not always) hormonally driven. While we are happy to wax, the permanent-hair- specialist in me says, if any hormonal imbalances / stresses occur they may stimulate. One day simply opt for something more permanent if the hair is stimulating.
Some options are IPL Hair Removal or Electrolysis (both available at Bare Bella Beauty).

This hair has a life span and will eventually die off. You may notice on guys ankles how hair will be very sparse, this is because the hair is rubbed by socks and encourages the hair to die. The same goes for ladies who wax and loofah consistently throughout their life. Genetics will make a big difference to the time in which the hair will start to become more sparse.

German and Scandinavian genetics may mean the hair will die off quickly whereas Greek or Irish background may find the strength of hair is hard to kill off through waxing, though it will happen over time. IPL hair removal may be an option, IPL is like 10 years of waxing within 8 treatments (that take around 7 months).

Hormonal areas may be waxed though some clients may find the hair will be stimulated. Hair stimulation is more likely if the hair is ingrown or the client has hormonal conditions like PCOS or endometriosis, thyroid etc.. In these cases waxing is okay though a better option is permanent hair reduction with IPL hair reduction and maybe combine with electrolysis which is permanent hair removal.

In any case we will always discuss all options available, knowledge is power and a strong core belief at Bare Bella is integrity.


Bare Bella uses organic beeswax and bubble gum strip wax and calico strips for less irritation

Arm 3/4 $37
Arm full $42
Arm half $32
Bikini $38
Brazilian $63
Chin $18
Eyebrows $22
Leg full $60
Leg full and Bikini $85
Leg full and Brazilian $94
Leg half $38
Leg half and Brazilian $77
Leg top half $48
Lip $18
Male Back $60
Male Chest $50
Snail trail $18
Underarm $20
Underjaw $18