Ok, so it looks like we’re all going to be indoors for some time. And while for many of us, there’s still work and family to juggle in the face of these particularly trying times, we’re hoping you can carve out a little time for self-care. Our Skinstitut education team have come up with some at-home skinspo to keep your complexion healthy and happy. So let’s get skinto it…

The DIY Facial

You’ve got the time, we’ve got the skintip. Lock the bathroom door, grab your favourite skincare essentials, pop on a podcast/playlist, and (temporarily) take your mind off what’s going on in the world and onto your face.


Step One: Cleanse

Has hygiene ever been more important right now? Use Gentle Cleanser to remove any sunscreen, makeup, or sweat from that virtual workout class you just did in your living room.

Step Two: Refine

An AHA-based exfoliant like our Glycolic Scrub 14% will help to refine your skin’s surface layers and has the heavy lifting power of Glycolic Acid paired with the buffing action of ocean-friendly, biodegradable Jojoba and Silica beads to help you get your glow back. We like to mix in a few drops of our Multi-Active Oil for an ultra-hydrating treatment. Massage the blend over your face, neck, and décolletage for 30 seconds before rinsing with warm water.

Step Three: Correct & Refresh

Time for a multi-tasking move. Take a decent squeeze of your Hydrating Mask and add in a little Vitamin C 100% to help correct uneven skin tone and put pigmentation on mute. Apply to your face and neck and leave it for ten minutes or so before rinsing with water.

Step Four: Treat & Hydrate

Now for a strong finish. Take your favourite treatment serum—we love Rejuvenate 15 Serum for the way it reconditions skin, loading it with botanical Vitamin A to repair and fortify— and massage it into your skin and neck. Serums contain a host of active ingredients for targeted treatment. Then layer with a moisturiser, like Moisture Defence Normal Skin for a nutritious boost of antioxidant vitamins and minerals.