Multi Active Oil is a little gem ? amongst the Skinstitut range. How much do we love to chuck on the big guns like serums and create amazing activity beneath the skin but forget that that this means the skin up top needs to be nourished even more so.

Multiple ways below here’s some out of the out of the ordinary ways to use first:
☝️Brilliant for pregnancy use, adopting the powerful Multi Active Oil, as it is healing and regenerative it is really great skin under stress, aka preggi bellies.
That goes for any skin under stress and trauma.
☝️Scented with rose geranium it’s very luxurious added to the bath for a little TLC EOW ❤️-in’
Geranium is refreshing, anti-irritant and astringent. The cell regenerating properties make it a great anti-aging ingredient.
☝️A nourishing overnight hair treatment (double shampoo in the AM) ??‍♀️
Have you got skin that is under stress and feeling dry and sluggish.
☝️This baby can be used on its own 1-2 drops on clean damp (can be applied after Multi Active Mist,
or actually few drops can go into your fav moisturiser, ….or in fact, all products in the range (except Vit C) when you need a touch of extra nourishment (Winter or out in the elements or when you just feel the need)
? #rosehipoil is all the rage for a reason, it’s nourishing and calming, well.. you know this of course ? BUT it does actually contains a natural form of vitamin A which is extremely regenerative & healing and in an oil base, especially great for itchy irritated and dry skins the need to boost the sluggish-ness feels to the side.
?Coenzyme 10 creates a great environment amongst you collagen, anti irritatant, anti-inflammatory, and an antioxidant.
? Avocado – highest penetration rate of similar oils such as almond. Acts as a carrier oil to transport active substances into the skin. Stabilises oil in water emulsions
? Macadamia – an essential fatty acid and excellent skin softener with nourishing properties
? Pomegranate Oil – astringent, tonic and purifying properties. Natural anti-oxidant with skin protecting and anti-inflammatory properties
? Litsea Cubeba – powerful antioxidant, photo-protectant, a natural tyrosinase inhibitor. (Sunspots)