Brazilian waxing is one of those waxes you either love or you don’t! Mostly though, once you go to Brazil you don’t go back! Well certainly not all the way back!

I personally got most of it permanently removed so now it’s much less painful.

But I always thought that the brazillian wax was the least painful of all areas to be treated, then again most people would call that insane! I just can’t handle underarm but then some would say it’s the other way around.. it’s hard to judge what you may find your least favourite, everyone is different. One thing’s for sure the more it’s done the less painful it will be!

Side step, a guy moulded 400 vaginas, with the whole designer vagina surgery, he wanted to exaggerate that we are all different ..have a read about it here 

Brazillian waxing should be maintained regularly, generally every 4-6 weeks. Remember if you change how regular you are along the way, the cycles will reflect this, so keeping to your routine is important, regardless of whether or not it’s that time of the month (which is still doable at this time by the way with tampons and even easier with period cups!).

Let your therapist know as early as possible if you need to change your routine for a holiday etc and we can easily work out the best way to do it so you don’t have another growth half way through your holiday! I like to know very early in advance because well 4 x 6 weeks is half a year so time flies in the waxing world!

More importantly, don’t forget to loofah regularly and correctly! Correctly you ask, what have I been doing all these years? I a rough mitt definitely but doing it gently, 3 brisk strokes against the hair growth.

Waxing regularly and loofahing daily will minimize your hair over time and get rid of any ingrowns along the way.

If you are doing all this maintenance and still getting ingrowns then definitely click here 

It’s not fair but some people loofah all the time and find the hair is still ingrown. In this circumstance I recommend a more permanent method like IPL or electrolysis like in my case.

Now to what shape and/or look you are going for your nether regions! It’s really up to you!! I’m yet to do a nice little heart which I reckon would be fun!! Most common when I started was a straight landing strip, lately it’s more like a triangle that leads down into the vulva area. Check out this pic below from @hazel.mead on insta, I reckon they’re all doable! ?









If you suffer from endometriosis or PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) or thyroid issues and you’re growing hair on areas that shouldn’t be growing hair please click here