Once upon a time an artist moulded 400 different (shaped and sized) vagina’s.

Yes you read that right.. It was for a work of art titled “The Great Wall of Vagina”. It is at Mona in Tasmania incase you didn’t realise.

Just when you thought “innie” and “outie” only referred to a belly button!I I think this was a great picture because (as it was mentioned in the article I read to find out about it) ..most women do not realise how different they can look! On hearing the outbursts from different women and also hearing about the growing trend of cosmetic surgery to create a “designer vagina”, the artist, Jamie McCartney felt compelled to create the following work of art. It’s fantastic because as with every part of the body, we are definitely not all the same, and this is completely normal! If you haven’t seen the show “100 Vagina’s” on the SBS on Demand app then definitely watch it. The first 10 mins were a bit, gees I don’t need to see this, some hippies giving their vaginas names..  but then it gets really good talking about female genital mutilation and other amazing things that were an eye opener. I laughed and cried and well I’ve treated well over 100 vagina’s but I still learnt a lot!

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