When most people think of peptides it’s tricky to pinpoint just what they are and do for our skin topically.

The Peptides are broken down into single amino acids and then sequenced for an appropriate response response within the skin. Carried in by fatty acids, liposomes or carrier peptides they are able to penetrate the skin and go no further than the dermal layer or enter the blood stream.

Amino Acids – Letters

Peptides – Words

Protein – Sentences

Peptides, over the time they have come into skincare have evolved so much so they are taking over other ingredients. These ingredient have the same effect but are causing less irritation which is always a good thing for skin health and therefore appearance.

Head to head with retinol (vitamin A) vs palmitoyl pentapeptide. Peptide will thicken the skin by 6.5% over 2 months due to increased collagen whereas the retinol will be only 4%.

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