It is important to note that having laser or IPL on an area at a low setting (purely to keep the clients coming back) will not kill the hair off! It will possibly turn it over but that is it. Paying up front for your laser hair removal and then told to come in sporadically or quite lengthy spacing of treatments? Or are you having to deal with hair mid treatment? This shouldn’t be the case.

Other reasons why it may not have died off even though it’s dark enough, is the timing is really badly done for that particular area. I’m saying the same thing again here but a actually different areas of the body require different timing. Some hair is hormonal, some terminal and some hair shallower follicles. It’s important for your laser tech to know how long it takes after a laser sesh for the hair to get back into the anagen stage, as this is the juicy moist stage and the laser basically cooks the moisture!

– Mary from Bare Bella