Waxing 4 times with 4 or 5 or 6 week intervals, will keep the hair at anagen cycle when you wax, this is the hairs active growth and more likely to retard the growth when it’s waxed and this stage. You will also find you will not have annoying hair coming in between the waxes which is a bonus!

This is because the cycles sync together! But it can definitely take around 3-4 consecutive waxes for this to occur because we might not wax out every hair the first wax, some hair might snap or not be long enough. Syncing cycles is easy is that easy.

Winter causes a problem as we generally don’t wax as frequently. I tell clients to keep a routine but not as often, say maybe 6 weely rather than 4 weekly!?

One thing I teach my clients is to loofah with the riffi mitt.  This helps the cycles sync really quickly.

Loofah against the hair growth ONLY  (generally upwards) every day. Not around in circles or back and forth. Just on problem areas like knees, or that spot on the side of the calf where we cross our legs or maybe even just top of bikini? If you run your hand over the skin and it’s even slightly bumpy, it means ingrowns!

Ingrown hair means the hair, instead of diminishing over your life-time, they will become stimulated and this means become stronger!

We even see this on face. A great idea is to buy a soft toothbrush for a loofah. Especially you are waxing your lip. Really you should just come and get some laser hair removal or electrolysis to remove the hair forever because waxing lip hair will stimulate the growth as it is a hormonal spot so don’t get caught out waxing your lip more and more as you get older! 😉