Consultation for IPL Hair Removal involves the following points:

  1. Sight the area to be treated
  2. Discuss how IPL hair removal works– discuss that it is usually permanent reduction rather than complete permanent hair removal.
  3. Discuss interfering factors
  4. Discuss the hair growth stages – Anagen stage – best stage to kill the hair.
  5. Keeping to scheduled appointments – hair may not be visible, anagen stage is very little hair.
  6. How many treatments required and how far apart.
  7. Reaction afterwards.
  8. Aftercare
  9. Remaining hair – what to do at the end. 3 months after the last IPL session, the hair that has come back by then will be the hair that will remain.
  10. Contraindications
  11. Discuss treatment plan in depth.
  • Test patch if required.

Each time the client comes in for their IPL hair removal session we also talk to them about the following points:

  1. Did they notice the hair coming through and falling out. This is what will occur
  2. Ask the client to show the IPL therapist how they are loofah-ing. (This is aftercare with our Riffi mitt)
  3. Reminder about how to treat the skin for the next 2 days – treat like the skin has had mild skin burn/tan – no hot showers/scrubbing/loofah.
  4. How was the reaction after last treatment?
  5. Check with underarms – is there sweat in the area – this can interfere with the result.
  6. Have they had any sun exposure, solarium or fake tan since their last IPL session.
  7. How many weeks until next session
  8. Keeping to scheduled appointments – explain what they may see in regards to hair growth before next session. Tell them that re-growth is either just under the skin or tiny.
  9. To shave or not to shave before next treatment.