A skin cycle is generally as they say 28 days but this is not the whole truth… our skin cycles slow down with age. But saying that a new cell that forms at the base of the epidermis (right above the dermis) will make its way to the surface of the skin naturally.
Skin pigmentation, congestion or deep dehydration can be treated but we need to wait for the skin to turn itself over to begin to heal.

It is worth giving skincare a good 3-4 cycles before noticing results!

You may know that retinol (vitamin A) helps turn the skin over faster? Well yes you are right! So to move pigmentation or congestion or dehydration quicker up to the surface then retinol is perfect.. if you have sensitivity for example rosacea, I put a client on botanical vitamin A which is the perfect way to ween in slowly. Rosacea skin also needs to turnover but slowly does it. Definitely no gritty exfoliating!
Vitamin A is like skin fertilizer, and can alternate with enzymes which is like the rake with the dead leaves up the top.

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