From consult to finish. This after photo is months after her last treatment.

The process of electrolysis is whereby a fine probe is inserted into the hair follicle to kill the hair. This micro work requires looking through magi lamps and/or magnifying glasses, (clients often ask did I do my own electrolysis, this is impossible as you need strong magnification). The probe is inserted and the current is then turned on with the use of 2 foot peddles, 1 for each foot, sometimes we use both feet at the same time, depending on what that particular hair needs. We use a thermolysis peddle (heat) and a galvanic peddle. Heat is used for hair that has not been treated before or not been treated 6 weeks ago.

Galvanic is used (though both are effective) on hair that has been treated 6 weeks ago. During the treatment the moisture in the follicle is either heated up or changed into lye. Hairs are at the most juiciest and moist when it is 6 weeks after having electrolysis treatment on a hair. Each hair will need anywhere from 2-4 treatments consistently and consecutively at around 6 weeks apart. The moisture that you get at around 6 weeks is what is required as the moisture changes into lye and this is what kills the hair. Once the hair is killed forever we do tell clients to do maintenance. Why? Because the fluff that has not been treated can develop in the course of your life. The reason it grows is due to diet, hormones and stress.