AMicro filter… oops may have vac’d up a couple of hairs, ?? those hairs would have been telogen (ready to fall out anyway #electrologist). I know this because the suction is not crazy strong, it’s light enough so to not cause any damage, this is important when doing this (or extractions) as skin capillaries though easy to get rid of, it’s always good to prevent them..

The exfoliating comes from the diamond head (though do have a smooth tip too) and I use #lympaticdrainage movements so you get an exfoliation and I shift your toxins outahere!  Great for a pre peel if you’re a bit lax on your skincare routine at the mo. Will help all products going onto skin work a 100% better! Come as a 30 minute treatment 4 for $300 or 45 minute treatment at $100 or add to a facial for $20. .

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