Red Light 

Increase blood and lymph circulation

Increase collagen synthesis

Stimulate release of ATP

Energy source for: DNA replication, Cell metabolic rate, Cell oxygenation and respiration

NASA and US Navy found this light to improve healing by 50% and fibroblast activity by 155% Fibroblast cells are responsible for collagen and elastic production.

Near Infra Red Light

Non thermal, although invisible, near infrared penetrates deeper than red light, which supports healing deeper in the skin reaching muscle tissue and soft tissue.

Decrease risk of Post Inflammatory Pigmentation, therefore better for darker skin types.

Increase cell metabolism, protein synthesis (including collagen) and cellular detoxification since cells have enhanced function.

Reduces inflammation and pain (good for rosacea, post surgery etc)

Triggers growth and regeneration in the cells

Lower ATP production, although higher reduction of ROS

Blue Light 

76 – 80 % improvement in acne

10% better results than using Benzyl Peroxide

Damages and kills bacteria

Slows sebaceous activity