Is 2018 your year? Questionable hormonal hair on any areas of the body are easily fixed, yes easy! It’s so so common! All year long i help this struggle and i love it. Let me help you. Sometimes IPL is not the only solution. This lovely lady had countless incorrectly timed IPL sessions elsewhere previous to her consult. Incorrect spacing of treatments even on dark hair

From consult to finish. This after photo is months after her last treatment.

will not work, hormonal hair means business. Generally in this case we will do get hairs into correct “active” cycle, and then do some correctly spaced IPL sessions, and go with Electrolysis as they slowly come through. This combo is unbelievable! In this case we did more than one cycle of hair with electrolysis to kill it off quickly. Other options to ‘chip away’ at it is still viable and can fit right into your routine.

The process is different for every person. Making it simple and manageable is my job. That means making sure you do not see hairs inbetween treatments.
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