You definitely do not have to put up with hair on your chin, with lasers and IPL and here at Bare Bella electrolysis too! There’s no way you should have to put up with it.
IPL or laser works by shooting heat into the follicles below, the hair falls out 1-2 weeks later.
How does electrolysis work? Electrolysis works by inserting a fine wire prob into the follicle and treating with a current. The hair is removed on the spot. Fine hairs will die in one treatment, thicker hairs will need more treatment. Electrolysis is permanent whereas IPL and laser can be permanent hair removal.
saying that I did IPL only on this lady below and it worked well so it can be permanent. But definitely we can use IPL as a stepping stone to electrolysis as it means we will weaken the hairs and so less electrolysis is done.

If you have had treatment in the past and it did not work come and see me. I will make it happen.