Collagen provides the strength, support, and structure to the skin. It is like the difference between an old saggy mattress for your bed or a brand new one. It is everything when it comes to healthy glowy skin. Collagen is a protein found in the deep layers of the skin that make it elastic, supple and plump. The sun actually doesn’t bounce off the top of the skin, it bounces off fresh collagen below! Lack lustre, dull skin wont glow as the sun can not reflect off it.

Here’s some must have’s for healthy collagen:

Vitamin C – helps “knit” collagen together and build it up and a strong antioxidant (fights free radicals which will destroy collagen)

Hyaluronic Acid – boosts Collagen production and maintains skin elasticity, plumpness and bounce

Physical Sunblock – acts like a mirror to the sun (compared with chemical blocks which take in UV and change to heat)

Retinol – corrects damaged DNA which is aging skin. Stimulates the skins production of collagen – read more here

AHA’s – or alpha hydroxy acids help to stimulate collagen underneath and also help for products to feed the collagen below (also decreases breakouts)


To get your hands on these ingredients head to a skilled skin clinic to see how you can incorporate them into your routine!

Bare Bella, Balwyn North