#hormones can’t live with them can’t shoot em! ??‍♀️ Hormones can be pretty sh☄️tty.
When you think there’s no answers, it will take forever and so what’s the point? I would like to think in hindsight, this is not the case for anyone…
Unfortunately there is a lot of ppl who are given the ring around and misinformation from professionals including doctors and meanwhile they are having excruciating period pain or hiding their hormonal facial hair and more, all whilst holding down a job or school or both! (and now with Covid !!)
?Apart from the obvious of hands on treatment with a professional electrologist who can have to option of IPL or laser ??‍♀️ like it’s not her first rodeo, it’s ringing around, it’s great to talk, talk it out, know your options, by talking to friends and 2nd opinions on professionals if it sounds too iffy (I mean I had a GP say I just need to get preggers to sort the PCOS, juuussst incase Mary. Stupidity is still stupidity  – to set this straight I’ve had clients who have had children and it was definitely not sorted), reading other peoples experiences, so you see all bodies are different, figure how you can get to the bottom of it all with your body.
These crazy hormonal problems, thyroid or endometriosis, PCOS or just out of balance hormones can be great when you actually get on top of it and come out the other side -> back to living ya best life with more knowledge, so you know how to deal with it all, so you literally can have your cake and eat it too !! ??