Ipl hair removal is like 10 years of waxing, believe it or not if you waxed for 10 years every 6 weeks and not get any ingrown hairs (ingrowns stimulate rather than diminish the hair), your hair will die off because it is terminal hair!
Unfortunately the thicker the hair the easier is it to get ingrowns… Luckily IPL laser hair removal will work better when the hair is thick!

The % of hair that dies is dependant on two things:
1) the darker the hair the more the hair will die. Fair hair will not.
2) whether the hair is in the right stage of growth!

Many clients come in and have certainly had a result with dark hair but have patches of hair that are definitely dark enough but for some reason have not worked.. Below is a picture of an example of an underarm that was treated about a decade ago, hair is dark enough to kill but not all the hair died off.

These patches were treated along the way, however because the hair is continually shaved and loofah’d the hair grows into a very old/dry follicle, these are impossible to kill (even if they’re dark) because IPL laser hair needs to cook the moisture of a new follicle in the anagen stage! We can purposely wax the hair if need be to create the anagen hair and because of our history in electrolysis we know exactly when that hair is very new and very juicy!
Its a very simple and highly effective step and the reason results can be lacking in !
There are other factors that come into play like sweat in the underarms which again is very simple to change this so the sweat does not interfere with a good result!
We also know the tricks of the trade to even kill the remaining hairs that are not dark enough… Either with just simple home care or electrolysis which is permanent hair removal.