Have you had laser or IPL but not reached a goal of permanent hair removal? Laser or IPL can be a perfect stepping stone to electrolysis because IPL/laser may only weaken the hair, then you can permanently finish it off with electrolysis.
This way less electrolysis will be needed to permanently kill the hair 100%. Electrolysis can take 2-3 sessions to kill the hair without weakening it first – if it’s tough but not dark enough for IPL/laser then you’d go straight to electrolysis and its like a cat with 3 lives… you do hav le to treat the same follicle 2-3 times to kill it, unless it’s fluffy which may only take 1 go to kill the hair!
Some areas won’t need electrolysis after but some areas will! This does depend on the timing of the laser, setting and on the other side… was the hair not really dark or skin is dark so setting had to be lower.
At Bare Bella I have IPL and electrolysis so have the advantage of picking what is the best option. With a huge amount of knowledge on hair science and hormonal hair vs terminal hair areas, we can figure out your path to hair freedom despite any setbacks like PCOS, endometriosis or thyroid. I will kill your hair! No matter where it is or what colour you are. @sterex_electrolysis. #melbournebeauty #melbournebeautytherapist #electrolysis