Glycolic cleanser is immediate way to help refine your skin’s surface texture and tone. In turn ? Improve cell removal for luminosity !!

When the skin is clear it can let the active ingredients in. If you are only just going onto active glycolic cleaners then maybe keeping the skins integrity by keeping B5 levels high (Multi Active Mist) and antioxidant levels high (Rejuvenate15 Serum) will be recommended.

? target spots by leaving a dab overnight

? detoxifying body wash

? leave on face while washing your body in shower

? acne on the chest or décolletage

? acne on back – leave on 5 mins


“Can’t imagine going back to a normal cleanser after using this, it’s like a daily skin detox. I get the odd breakout and I find this keeps my skin under control. The Glycolic Acid also gives you a nice healthy glow afterwards.” – Lindy 

Not recommended for sensitive skin and  redness. If this is you, Enzyme Micro Peel may be a great start which you can leave on from anywhere from 15 minutes to overnight.

Glycolic cleanser is the perfect  recommendation for pre peel prepping.