• Oil cleansers work by bonding to the oils and dirt on the skin. The oil also acts as a barrier to protect skin, keeping it soft and moisturised.
  • This one step cleansing oil deeply cleanses and nourishes the skin, but also assists in lifting excess sebum, making it perfect for all skin types and conditions, including ageing and oily.
  • Effectively removes dead skin, pollutants, sunscreen, and makeup, preparing the skin for better absorption of serums and moisturisers.
  • Squalane is a rich emollient that mimics the body’s natural hydrating oils to provide weightless moisture, preventing over drying.
  • A unique blend of four botanical oils provide excellent skin softening and nourishing properties, as well as antioxidant support to target stress and signs of ageing relating to external aggravators (pollution, harsh chemicals, sun damage and irritants).
  • Using oils instead of traditional soap or detergent cleansers can also help protect the natural lipid layer of the skin and the “good” bacteria that live there, leaving skin feeling clean, balanced and supple.
Key Ingredients

Squalane, Coenzyme Q10, Australian Native Kakadu Plum, Green Tea Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Rosehip Oil, Vitamin E

How To Use

Dispense 3-4 pumps into dry hands. Gently massage over dry face, including eyes in a circular motion to dissolve surface oil, dirt and makeup. Rinse off with warm water.

Pro Tips

Expert Replenish Squalane Cleansing Oil isn’t just for the evening. Using oil cleansers in the morning can help hydrate the skin for the rest of the day and help combat any free radical damage as well as allowing any following products applied to effectively work their way into the skin.