Electrolysis methods.

Electrolysis Methods – Galvanic VS Thermolysis (Heat)

I have 15 years of experience and absolutely love electrolysis. So when it comes to permanently removing hair, we really have the answer to it all.

Electrolysis works essentially by killing the cells that produce the hair. An extremely fine probe is inserted (not pierced) into the hair follicle; the method of intensity is then released. Once the hair is impaired the hair is released easily without plucking.

What most people do not realise is there are 3 different methods to achieve this:


This uses high frequency, the probe heats up and destroys the hair producing cells in the follicle. Once the hair is taken out, the follicle cools back down again. This method does not require the follicle to be moist.


The galvanic method is completely different. The client holds in their hand a metal probe and then the probe in the follicle is also metal, because the follicle is moist, a circuit of galvanic current is produced. This chemical reaction changes the moisture in the follicle into sodium hydroxide, a liquid that is called “lye”. This liquid destroys the cells.


This is a way of destroying the hair follicle with both galvanic and heat. The therapist can choose how much galvanic and heat is pumped in at the same time, or we can set the machine to automatic, which works out the settings. The automatic setting uses a small amount of galvanic relative to the heat.

From consult to finish. This after photo is months after her last treatment.

Which is the best method?

Here at Depskin we believe ultimately the galvanic method is the quickest and the gentlest way to kill the hair.

This is because even after the hair has been removed the liquid in the follicle is still working.

Also it is just a liquid, so the effect on the skin is very gentle comparatively to the heat.

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