Aside from IPL hair removal which kills the hair which is the problem, the next best thing if this is not an option for you and you are waxing or shaving, is to use a the riffi mitt. It’s the best loofah on the market! The technique i teach my clients which is seriously effective and tends to be the opposite of what everyone does, is 1-2-3 brisk strokes against the hair growth on any given area daily, and that is it. The trick is to do a small amount daily. Rather than lots of loofah-ing once or twice a week. Also not around is circles or back and forth.

Do you get those annoying bumps on the top of your arms? Try doing the 1-2-3 strokes up the arms daily. Also you can use a enzyme type exfoliant like Skinstitut’s Enzymatic Micro Peel which is feels just like a moisturiser but it’s actually an exfoliant that eats up the dead skin.