Taking active measures to decrease stress in your life can be the ticket to healthy skin.. yes figuring out the outside-in part with decent skincare is important for detoxification and replenishing of skin that experiencing regular breakouts or redness ??

.. BUT! Inside-out is the most proactive skincare ever! This includes regular fasting bloods to name only one and minimizing things that don’t serve the skin like wheat, dairy and sugar! But one of the best inside out treatments for skin is decreasing stress.. have a really good think about what makes you really zone out or forget about life’s worries. And try to do that more regularly. Try not to make it a big thing or a big deal or you may not do it regularly! Find your zen, it may not be ohms & meditation for you.. it could be a quick walk near trees which lowers cortisol and blood pressure, OR a nice epsom salt bath (2-3 cups for over 15 mins to really take in the magnesium), magnesium is also amazing at helping you sleep OR just getting to bed early without a phone near you! 

What is your chill time fav tip?!