How long will it take!?

This depends on a lot like hair thickness, the amount of hair, body hair, hormonal hair, but generally 2-4 goes per hair. So if you have 10 hairs you do those then repeat on those exact hairs 5-6 weeks apart. When there’s more hair more cycles can be incorporated like fortnightly for example

Is it really permanent?

100% yes! It might take a few goes to kill then but once they’re dead they are dead. And it is scientifically proven and even the FDA has said it is permanent

How much will it cost?

Again with the variables, it is by the minute so hard to judge, but if it is a full beard then it will take a lot longer and more frequently. A few strays though is significantly lower, might take a 10 minute session ($40) x 4 treatments.

How painful is it?

It is like a pinch, I think it’s like a bee string, but everyone is so  different some people are less intolerant and some fall asleep! But generally no one gives up on it, the current can be turned up or down to your tolerance, the higher the current the quicker it’s killed so turning it down might mean an extra few treatments

Will it scar?

No, there is aftercare for immediate reaction which is gone quite quickly, but it will not ruin the skin. In fact usually with no hair the skin will look more radiant, also less ingrown or bumpy.