Niacinamide (vitamin B3) reduces redness and pigmentation as it reduces irritation from environmental factors and helps to create a healthy skin barrier, keep the acid mantle in tact. So it is phenomenal for blotchy skin & uneven marked skin from irritation or pimples or any factors really, because it will improve epidermal barrier function, meaning your skins fortification is strong to keep the badies out.  Niacinamide is a topical form of vitamin B3 in products, it is best used for rosacea or redness, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. It is also an amazing prep for retinol. It is not enough to just have a high %, the product you have MUST have an ingredient delivery system in place in order to see results, on top of a high %, this is so important, some products lack this unfortunately. This way the product will successfully get the Niacinamide ingredient down into the skin and to really make a difference on the cells.p






Regular cleansing with an AHA like LLactic Acid will also help with penetration, as acid will dissolve the glue holding the cells together or glycolic acid which is a smaller molecule so gets in even deeper. Enzymes can be used instead of acids, if your skin is sensitive. Ask me next time you’re in, so i can get you on a great source of Niacinamide  ??

Niacinamide is a also a great alternative to Retinol for sensitive skin! It will improve the skins barrier just like retinol – (for sensitive skin there is also botanical Vitamin a, just ask me next time you’re in at Bare Bella)
Niacinamide is safe for all skin types, infact enhances all skin types to funtion better and therefore look better as it nourishes and calms the skin. It acts as an antioxidant-rich ingredient.
Make sure you have this awesome ingredient in your skincare routine


What Is it in?
Skinstitut Multi Active Mist has the strongest dose of all the range. Rejuvenate15 has botanical Vitamin A. (Keep in mind some blotchy skin can mean an impaired barrier, some step back from too much cleansing and AHA’s. Depending on your skin you could use a combination of a gentle cleanser and AHA cleanser. Or a combo on gentle cleansing and Micellar water or even skin bathing for really sensitive skin.

Are there more powerful ways / treatments to help?
There are some serious results driven treatments, LED Light Therapy is prob the best, it is like recharging your cells batteries.. LED delivers a particular wavelength and correct “dose” of energy output to the cells which triggers synthesis of ATP (adrenosine triphosphate) in the powerhouse of the cells, the Mitochondria which creates cellular renewal from essential energy and removes waste. Healthy cell environment makes room for fibroblasts to form which are responsible for creating new healthy collagen and elastin which make our skin look clearer and fuller and gives it bounce.

Collagen Induction therapy (skin needling) creates a wound response for the skin to create collagen too, IPL Rejuvenation creates a wound response via thermal skin heating and corrects damaged cells.