All products sold at Bare Bella Beauty are paraben free and natural where possible, while still delivering results.

The term ‘Paraben-free’ has been more and more popular with cosmetic and beauty products. But what are parabens and how do they affect us?

Parabens are the most commonly used preservatives in personal products such as foundations, moisturisers and shampoo. They stop fungus, bacteria and other microbes from growing in your favourite creams and make up. Their names are long winded and sometimes hard to pronounce, methylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben and isobutylparaben, just to name a few.

Over the past couple of years there has been great debate as to whether these chemicals may actually be harmful to our health. Parabens have a weak ability to mimic oestrogen, which can be found in breast cancer tumors. There are questions about the increased rate of male breast cancer and testicular cancer being attributed to the fact that these chemicals can be absorbed into the skin, possibly having an effect on our endocrine system. As yet there are no definitive answers to these questions, however with the increase of products on the market now going ‘paraben free’ why would you risk it?