Obviously a great wax job where you’re not seeing hair in between wax appointments, requires the hair is pulled by the root!!

How can this happen?

Well all the hair needs to be at the right stage or length. If a hair is held back and shorter because it is or has been ingrown this will be a problem, so we recommend loofah AGAINST the hair growth only. Not back and forth or around in circles. This can make it worse. So against the hair only!

Also keeping the cycles consistent. 4-6 weekly is best (means you’re waxing hair in the active growth and will retard the growth in time – you may have already seen patchy sections around your ankles)

If you change throughout the year due to Winter – Summer then you will notice hair coming through early. Even going from 4 weekly to 7 and back to 5 will mean you will see a difference in growths.

The therapist or waxer needs to do a great job too. This means not ripping the waxing strip upwards, the strip needs to be pulled parallel against the hair, almost running back on the skin. I use calico at Bare Bella as it’s smoother than the regular tougher white strips  that are synthetic salons use. I also love bubblegum strip wax. It’s like the Brazilian white wax in a strip wax form. More gentle smoother waxing results! 🙂