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Ingrowns occur because the hair is curly or a sharp edge to it due to cutting it or a wax and the hair snapped, and even when it’s successfully waxed it can grow underneath the skin… #yawn anyway who cares about this crap, the question is how to get rid of it, well if you’re going to stick to waxing or shaving then make glycolic your friend. I’ve got a great glycolic cleanser and glycolic 14% scrub which are great, also using a good loofah like what I stock! All of the above gets rid of the cells and oil that trap hairs.  But the actual amazing way to get rid of ingrowns is to kill the hair! ??? If the hair isn’t there voilà, no more ingrown hair!

Ask at Bare Bella, I know everything there is to know about permanent hair removal or reduction as I offer both electrolysis and  IPL hair removal