Electrolysis is such an enjoyable treatment for me. It’s prob my most fav one to do… I guess apart from Skin Needling and facials.. but also IPL hair removal because it aids the electrolysis. (If Hair is weakened with IPL hair removal then less electrolysis is required)

Why I love electrolysis? Because when you wax it comes back. If you pluck a hair it will be back in 4 weeks, or quicker if it’s so hormonal! If you treat the same hair with electrolysis it will take 6 weeks to come through again. So you see the result quickly. 6 weeks later the hair will be treated again (if it hasn’t died yet).

Electrolysis has amazing results so I think that’s why it’s enjoyable. Not a lot of beauty therapists or beauticians do electrolysis. I think it wasn’t taught much after I leaned it. And when I did there was only 2 students who enjoyed it. So that’s why it’s gone down.

I wouldn’t say IPL is better then electrolysis or electrolysis is better than laser etc. They work in conjunction. Sometimes you’ll use only electrolysis if the hair is too light in colour for laser to work.

Progress shot!

Finished! 🙂

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Mary from Bare Bella Beauty Balwyn North, Melbourne Australia