Hey If you wax regularly on your legs, bikini or underarms which are terminal areas (meaning they have a lifespan) and loofah with a rough mitt like the Riffi Mitt or Milano Mitt that I stock at Bare Bella Beauty here in Balwyn North, your hair will become weaker and then the hair becomes more sparse too. Most people wait a long time in between waxes when in reality waxing ever 4 weeks is ideal.

To minimize ingrowns loofah daily. Just 3 brisk strokes AGAINST the hair growth in each area every day is perfect. Don’t loofah once a week for a long time. Make it an easy job daily. The skin is always being produced so we have to get ahead of it.

You can loofah wet or dry by the way.


Come in to Bare Bella Beauty to get some good tips for waxing. Hormonal areas like lip and chin are not the best areas to wax. If you are that’s okay just be assured to get on to a more permanent solution like IPL hair removal or electrolysis, both of these hair removal methods I have on offer at Bare Bella Beauty