Facial waxing is frowned upon by ourselves but why do we treat upper lip differently? It’s hormonal just like chin and sides! The more and more you wax or pluck your lip hair the more it will stimulate for some gradually for some not so gradual.. Over a year it’s quite tough and you find yourself lip waxing or plucking more frequently.

Tough hormonal and unwanted hairs can be easily weakened with IPL hair reduction and often clients are happy with that. The hair will be brought back to how it was before you started meddling with the hair.

There is an option after doing a course of IPL to go onto kill it permanently with electrolysis. It will be quicker as the hairs are weaker!

If you have any questions call to book a free consult for IPL hair removal even if you don’t go ahead, you will at least know your options. At Bare Bella I pride myself in my knowledge in hair removal due to having electrolysis and IPL available. We have a lot of clients from other salons who have had no reduction due to incorect timed treatments and even worse they have stimulated hair on cheeks as IPL can stimulate fluff (hair that is not been waxed previously and therefore not become stronger).