I choose IPL hair removal (or laser) if the hair has some colour to it.
Any hair that isn’t dark enough would be treated with electrolysis.
Legs, bikini and underarms is terminal hair which means it has a life span, easier to kill. (Can actually die off with waxing! As long as there’s no ingrowns – which is often the problem)
IPLis attracted to colour of the hair and skin, so there needs to be a colour difference between the skin and hair. This does not mean clients with dark skin can not be treated with IPL hair removal.
Lip/chin, face, breast and belly is hormonal, so if it’s dark I can use IPL first to kill or weaken it, if there are no underlying hormonal issues (like PCOS, endometriosis or thyroid) then IPL might be enough. If there is a hormonal issue then electrolysis is probably worth banking on. It’s permanent hair removal. And can treat ANY hair including light/white hairs.
The reason I choose IPL first, is it’s quicker and can be permanent for the right colouring. Saying that I do TONNES of electrolysis. And if the colouring doesn’t suit IPL then electrolysis is the perfect option.
I do a lot of face electrolysis, underarms and bikini too.