Hormonal areas (lip, chin, neck, sideburns, tummy and breast hair) if waxed will generally stimulate the hair.

Terminal areas (legs, bikini, underarms and arms) will diminish over time, quicker with waxing and properly loofah-ing.

Terminal Hair

If the hair is stuck and ingrown underneath, your hair will never diminish, look at your knee hair, for example, which is very dry. Often you can see this in older people who’s hair is not growing anywhere except certain areas like knees. Often the outer calf can be ingrown from where you cross your legs!

Terminal hair is great for IPL laser hair removal, treating terminal hair with IPL laser hair removal is like the equivalent of years of waxing in a way, as long as the hairs are not ingrown and caught underneath which WILL  stimulate and make the hairs stronger! Once you have done your IPL sessions, for most people the hair will not come back at all, for a few people there might be a return of hair, the hair that comes back will always be lighter/finer hair.

This is very different to hormonal hair…

 Hormonal Hair.

Hormonal hair is very active, waxing or plucking may stimulate this area. This depends on the state of a clients hormones.

Laser hair removal on hormonal hair can be a “stepping stone” to electrolysis. We use it to weaken tough hair. If hair is not strong then it’s more worthwhile to just start with electrolysis hair removal.

It’s so important to note that doing IPL laser hair removal on light fluffy facial hair will often stimulate the hair! Facial hair really needs to tough to warrant proceeding.