:: PERI-ORAL DERMATITIS :: ( Perioral Dermatitis)

This is a condition that is inflammation around the nose and mouth.
Small, red, pus-filled bumps like tiny pimples and mild peeling of the skin around the mouth are symptoms. The condition can also affect the skin around the nose, cheeks and eyes too
▪️ do NOT use steroid creams as this will make it worse and can actually be the cause of the condition.
▪️ gentle cleanser
▪️ gentle water based moisturiser
▪️no lactic or glycolic acids
▪️ Mineral powder make up only
▪️LED light therapy can help
▪️omega and probiotics can also help.
Avoid lifestyle triggers:
▪️sun exposure
▪️fluoride-containing toothpastes
▪️heavy facial moisturizers
▪️noncomedogenic makeup
▪️chemical sunscreens (use zinc like the O cosmedics brand at Bare Bella)
cosmetics that contain
▪️Incorrect products

Avoid medication triggers:

▪️long-term use of

▪️prescription topical steroids

▪️OTC steroid creams, such as hydrocortisone

▪️inhaled steroids

▪️nasal steroids

▪️nasal sprays

▪️birth control pills


The frustrating thing about this condition is it’s unknown why it happens and can go away and come back fairly quickly. It can also hang around for months. The best bet is to try treatment tips above and also maybe seek professional help on your gut and hormonal health.