What an amazing launch ? it was at Bare Bella! We launched the latest, quickest most effective Collagen Induction Therapy,  Fractional Mesotherapy to treat all sorts of skin imperfections that can really bother people. It’s a beauty therapists dream to make a proper change within the skin and this delivers! I have been treating with this high end ‘derma pen’ and the feedback has been phenomenal!

On top of this, I aim for clients to feel confident, as they can see all options and solutions, make an informed choice with any ‘odd’ skin and hair issue they are experiencing. Not to feel abnormal because in my world they are normal! Bare Bella is a place where you can come, tell me your hair and skin woes, and feel happy walking out as they have a solution on the horizon!

The same goes for guys too who have worrying things that happen and often very hard to talk to people about their skin and hair woes too.

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