1. It will slow down aging by literally changing the rate of cell maturity

2. Acne prevention. Cells normally die and slough off, but in sluggish skin the cells won’t fall off quickly and so create a build up which means acne snd even pigmentation.

3. Pigmentation prevention. Minimises over-active melanocytes and regular turn over of these pigmentation inducing cells.

4. Antiaging. The fast turnover increases collagen production so skin looks smoother and less lines. It also helps to prevent damaged DNA which is exactly how we age.

5. Pore size. The turnover makes the pores looked more refined and because oil flows better, it is less likely for pores to become stretched.

6. Increases hyaluronic production which helps with elasticity.

7. Keeps the skin’s natural moisturiser intact, creates a better waterproofing system so less TransEpidermal Water Loss. (TEWL). Keeps the moisture in.

8. Reduces redness by:

*normalising damaged blood vessels, diminishing their appearance
*decreasing inflammation (which helps Psoriasis too)

If you have never used retinol, week in by using it every 3-4 days at night under a moisturiser and skin oil. Build up to every second night.
The use of Niacinamide and SPF is beneficial as they will help your skin stay strong as it is turning over faster. Contact me if you would like to get onto an A grade retinol.

Which Retinol is for you?