Everyone heals so differently. There may also be anything from literally nothing noticeable to a slight redness and hiving/swelling which settles down very very quickly. Some clients get a tiny freckle size scab at the follicle which flakes off easily over a few days after treatment, it’s very tiny and minute. Specially formulated soothing lotions and tinted antiseptics are available for use after treatment.

Your electrologist will work with you during your treatment to determine a current that is not high and totally bearable, while also ensuring that it is high enough to have a successful result. Also we can figure a current for a reaction that is perfect for your lifestyle!

Also can use for 3-4 days post treatment: Skinstitut Laser Aid for $45 or Sterex Witch hazel $20 and the very best makeup to use while electrolysis is healing is Inika, that way you have pure mineral on the skin.

Also you must try to not touch the area for 3 days and not moisturise. If bacteria gets in follicle you may get a pimple. This will obviously heal, but will take longer than 3 days as most pimples do.

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From consult to finish. This after photo is months after her last treatment.