The process of a lash lift?

Firstly the bottom lashes are secured away from the procedure with a hydra gel pad.

There are different size rods that are put onto the top lid with non latex glue (this is important for reaction). The smaller the rod the bigger the curl, sometimes you want a big curl and sometimes you may not as the lashes can touch the top lid and may be a bit annoying. But either way, whatever you do you can always change it for next treatment.

This lady is a dog groomer and finds the dog hair sticks to her mascara, so this makes life easy!

The lashes are then secured up onto the rod. The way they are placed is the way they will stay so this is the most important part. Time is taken to have them perfect.

After this the perm solution is put where the curl will happen, this is taken off after approximately 6 minutes and then the setting solution is put on for 5 minutes. Then the solution and the rod is washed off with water. Then the lash tint is put on.

Then taa-daa! The lashes are dried and a lash serum is applied.

I like to do a before and after photo for lash lifts!

The aftercare is for 24 hours do not do anything to the lashes, no mascara, steam, touching, creams, crushing.. just be nice to them!