Ingrowns gone!

Never shave your legs again!

Well except I do. shave the hair down before I start the treatment. Clients worry about hair being present in between treatments but it isn’t. Straight after the treatment, it’s sitting there dead, I ask my clients to loofah to enable the dead hair to just flick out! Until the client is back in for their following appointment,  they won’t have hair to worry about, this is due to my timing of laser hair removal treatments (and current)! 

When I get to the end of the laser sessions with my clients (approx 8 treatments – some 3weekly’s then out to 6 weekly or face 2 -4) ..I would tell them to keep waxing, leg hair is terminal and so the more you wax the more it dies off, it just takes a lot longer without doing the laser hair removal.

Laser is like 10 years of waxing and loofahing – notice the balding spots near your ankles, even without doing laser?

It’s because this hair is terminal, it has a lifespan and will die (unless it’s ingrown)


Hormonal hair can be different to terminal areas like legs, bikini and underarms.

Hormonal hair like face, breast or belly may need Electrolysis to kill it off completely. This may be due to conditions like PCOS, endometriosis, thyroid and stress and medications can make IPL results good but not great.