Vitamins A,B and C are fantastic for the skin…well dah, we all know that!
But what’s the difference between them?!
Vitamin A is my most favourite ingredient for the skin because it turns the skin over. As we’re getting older the skin starts to slow down, using Vitamin A gives it a kick it up the bottom! It creates fresh cells! Think of it like fertiliser for the skin so up the top it looks cleaner and brighter and everything in the skin that you don’t want, like acne, milia spots and pigment, will come and go a lot quicker!
Apart from this, Vitamin A makes damaged DNA (like acne, sun damage, redness, wrinkles) make like new again!! It’s fundamentally the best thing to correct everything.. Including rosacea.20130214-123041.jpg

B is the vitamin that helps keep the skin strong, by keeping a level balance of 2 enzymes in the skin which effectively keep pollutants out of the skin. When the skin is strong its able to not be vulnerable to the outside world! When it is vulnerable it becomes open to infection, which creates bacteria, which in-turn creates acne. It’s also open to pollution which creates free radicals that love to break down the collagen that makes your skin plump! People love to clean their skin and scrub it but they always forget to keep it strong in the meantime.. and I don’t mean with a moisturiser!

C is also an powerful antioxidant like B. it fights free radicals which will break down your collagen. Vitamin C is also essential for the synthesis of collagen! So fluffs up and tightens the skin like getting a new mattress for your bed! Vitamin C also is a natural skin brightener, great for pigmentation! Check out this blog on the product  Vitamin C 100%